As a person becomes more spiritual ...

"The Nun"
Francesco Hayez,

Father Paisios said: "As a person becomes more spiritual, so much fewer rights does he has in this life. It is obligatory to be patient, to accept injustice, to accept evil words from others. A crooked stick (perverted person) who is distant from God has many rights: to strike and shout and act unrighteously. Our rights God keeps for the other life. Out of ignorance however we often seek our rights here. Let us not damage things at all. If they say anything to us, immediately we give them the right. And later we think we trust in God. That is a big joke. Human justice doesn't mean anything to a spiritual person. But it is a great concern for the perverted person."


  1. So much wisdom in this quote ... such a hard thing to do.

  2. Hi from New Zealand,Today in a thrift store I overheard a young couple wanting something,when they left I asked the attendant, he said they needed a food parcel, I raced out to find them but could not, I was going to give them $50, I could not find them. Thinking on this tonight, I feel the thought "to help' is enough. love and light Marie

  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog...I've been perusing your several blogs and uncovering a lovely spirit. I will return to explore seem to be a girl after my own heart...I'd like to read more...and will.
    Have a lovely day,

  4. Thank you so much for your sweet comment Becky :)
    God Bless you


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