Image of love


Jesus is the image of the invisible God.

Jesus came to identify with the pain of the world and enter into it with that cosmic sympathy and to invite us into that identification with sadness.  We are invited, like Francis, to proactively move right into it and say this is where life is at; this is where you understand, not at the top of things but at the bottom of things.  This depth of understanding became the Franciscan way: to identify with the poor and not the rich, to remain as far as possible on the edge, not in the center.  I think that did come from Jesus, I think that is the heart of the Christian way when it’s understood on a spiritual level and not just a functional pragmatic problem solving level which so much of Christianity has become.  When it's understood on the mystical level where it should be understood, the mystery of tears, the mystery of sadness is the breakthrough into liminality.  It’s the breakthrough to a different consciousness and let me finish quoting Albert Einstein who I really do believe was his own form of mystic.  He said no problem could be solved by the same consciousness that caused it. "

Richard Rohr... Full article here


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