Finding "Yes" on the Via Negativia

On meeting with Poor Clare sister who had been a member of the order for 20 years after joining up in her teens.

"She had inexhaustible inner light that would endure through the direst of circumstances.
She had come to that light through the ability to say no to everything except the thing most precious to her, an inner focus based on her personal spirituality and the religious life to which she had given herself. Out of those years of saying no, blossomed a magnificent yes; magnificent because she would be nourishing much more than the physical health of those she would care for - a yes that could be followed fully because after all those years gathering her Psyche into one single body of faith, every part of her would be uttering it Yes!"

Extract from poet David Whyte's book "The Heart Aroused"


  1. Suzy,
    I love coming to this quiet space. You and I have so many similar "leanings" in spirituality. I had the privilege of running an ecumenical bookstore for several years and got a real education in Christian Mysticism. I so enjoy seeing the stories and quotes you post here.

  2. Thank you for your comment Piejesu :)
    I'm so glad this is a peaceful space for you :)


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